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Folding Mats – They’re Back!!!

We have finally relaunched our collection of folding mats today.  When we say finally, it is because it felt like forever since we last had some in stock.  The reason for this was that we were on the hunt for a new supplier who could guarantee us a lower price while still maintaining a very high level of quality.  As a company, our goal is to offer the best deals out there for our line of products and with our old supplier, we eventually realized we just were not doing that.  So we went on the hunt and low and behold, 4-5 months later, here we are.  So what are the differences between our old mats and the new ones you may ask?

  1. Significantly less expensive (5-25% cheaper than our leading competitors)
  2. We carry much more in stock (we bought a lot more to get a volume discount that we could then pass on to our customers)
  3. Available in two thicknesses now (1.5″ and 2″ whereas we used to only carry one thickness)
  4. Available in only one size to start (4′ x 8′ mats are the only size we offer now.  We used to carry more sizes and we plan on carrying them again in the future however we wanted to max out on one size to get the lowest price)

So what are folding mats used for?  Well I am sure you can all remember your elementary gym class.  Gym teachers use them for teaching gymnastics and tumbling classes.  They also use them for playing fun kid games such as medic, prison ball, and other fun variants of dodge ball.  These mats are also very popular for use in teaching judo and other martial arts classes to younger children.

As always, all of our folding mats include free shipping and ship the same or next business day.  If you are interested in them, they can be found at these links:



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