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Looking for Fun Carpeting for Kids Rooms? Think Carpet Tiles.

Baby Nursery with Carpet Tiles

Baby Nursery with Carpet Tiles

Kid’s carpet tiles are a great addition to any home, offering fun playful patterns that are not only exciting for kids but adults alike.   So why would someone purchase kid’s carpet tiles over broadloom carpeting?  In this article, we will discuss five reasons why someone would choose carpet tile squares over broadloom carpeting and help dispel many of the myths that surround carpet tiles, allowing more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits carpet tiles can bring to any home.

 One of the first things that cross most people’s minds when it comes to flooring is the cost.  When it comes to carpet tiles and broadloom carpeting, that can be a hard thing to compare.  Depending on where you are located in the country and what type of carpeting you are looking to install, the costs can go either way.  Typically, for the life of the flooring, modular carpet tiles are a more cost effective way to floor any space due to lower installation and replacement costs.  Even though in some instances the actual cost of the flooring can be pretty comparable, carpet tiles are typically more expensive.  But the amount of time and disruption the installation of broadloom carpeting causes, typically makes up for any product cost difference between tiles and broadloom.

 When it comes to flooring, most people want to get a product that is not only cost effective but one that will also last.   Well, carpet tiles offer both.  Since carpet tiles have been built for both heavy traffic and abuse, they tend to last a lot longer than typical broadloom carpeting.  Wear warranties for most carpet tiles are lifetime, whereas with broadloom carpeting the typical wear warranty is about 5-20 years.  Kid’s modular tiles also come with adhered backing, providing not only durability, but comfort throughout your floor.  And for anyone looking for a more environmental flooring option, residential carpet tiles are it.  Typically these floors are made with more recycled material than standard carpeting, making them a truly Green floor.

Peel and Stick Carpet tile

Peel and Stick Carpet tile

Installation is also another major topic of discussion when deciding on what flooring option will work best for your space.  Carpet tiles offer a time, cost efficient way to install new flooring into any room, and come in many different types from sticky back to interlocking.  These tiles can be easily installed at any level of your home and can be easily removed and installed in different patterns.  Broadloom flooring can be installed on any level of your home as well, but is very cumbersome and typically takes a trained professional to install.  A foam padding is also necessary with your broadloom carpet purchase, which also adds time and cost to your install.  So for the DIYer, carpet tiles are the perfect flooring option for any playroom, bedroom, or basement.  If you would like to see our carpet tile installation video, please click here.

When it comes to kids, pets, and even adults, accidents are bound to happen.   With carpet tiles, stains and dirt are not an issue.  These residential carpet tile squares have been designed to handle heavy traffic and are treated making them stain, soil, bacterial, fungal, and mold/mildew resistant, ensuring your new floor is durable and safe.  If a tile were to become damaged for any reason, the tile can be easily removed and replaced unlike with standard broadloom carpeting.   Patches are available for broadloom, but they usually don’t blend in well with the rest of your floor creating an eyesore.  Typically it is recommended to remove broadloom carpeting and replace it if damaged beyond repair, which costs time and money.  So why replace your whole floor when you can just replace a tile.

Fun Color Combinations

Fun Color Combinations

Have you ever wanted to create a space that was unique and fun from top to bottom?  Well with modular carpet tiles you can easily do that.  Kid’s carpet tiles are available in many fun styles and colors that can be mixed and matched allowing your imagination to run wild.  So if you want to create a floor that has a mini town with blue water around it, you can create that.  Or if you want create an area where there are numbers and another where there are letters, you can do that as well.  You can also mix match tiles to create fun color combinations as well as install sports team themed carpet tiles.  The options that you have are endless whereas with broadloom you are stuck with one pattern throughout.

 As you can see, kid’s carpet tiles offer an easy yet cost effective flooring alternative to standard broadloom carpeting.  They can be easily cleaned, last for a long time, and can be installed and replaced by the customer to create fun and inviting spaces.  So when you are deciding on which route to choose, remember these words:  Why change the whole floor when you can just change a tile?

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