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Cheer/Gymnastics & Wrestling Mats are Now Available!!!

Many of you have asked us, and we have decided to partner up with another American company to give you what you have been asking for. We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched our new line of Cheer & Wrestling mats that are made right here in the USA.


Cheer Mat

Cheer Mat

Our new Cheer/Gymnastics Mats feature a durable carpet surface over Cross link Polyethylene Foam, creating a safe and durable practice space.


Home Cheer Mats are lightweight, easy  to move from space to space, and offer impact absorption and enhanced performance. The largest cheer mat size, our Deluxe Cheer Mats, are just as durable as our other sizes and offer a 5’x10’ practice space. Easy to roll, set up and move, these versatile mats can be used for cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, and more.

Our durable Wrestling Mats have a tough vinyl surface to help make cleanup a breeze.


Deluxe Home Wrestling Mat

Deluxe Home Wrestling Mat

These shock absorbent Home Wrestling Mats are lightweight and sized for convenient at home practice, coming in many bold color and size options. Deluxe Wrestling Mats are perfect for practicing wrestling, MMA, judo, and other high impact sports requiring quick drops and maneuvers in a larger space. Our Deluxe Wrestling Mats feature a larger practice space at 10’x10’ AND even come with the regulation 8’ circle as well as starting lines to allow for truly comparable practice.


We are proud to offer these new Cheerleading & Wrestling Mats. There are many wonderful advantages for both of these new product lines, such as:


Durable construction

Free shipping

1 year warranty

Shock absorbency

Bold color options

Easy to roll up and store

Lightweight and portable

Mats can be adjoined to make larger practice spaces

Cheer & Wrestling Mats make excellent gifts

To learn more about our new Cheer/Gymnastics Mats or Wrestling Mats, please visit RubberFlooringInc.com or contact our friendly sales team at (800) 613-0996.

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