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Breaking News: Custom Cut Nitro Rolls Now Available!!!

Our 140’ stocked Nitro rolls are available once again, AND we now offer custom cut lengths!

Yes, you read that correctly – custom cut lengths are now available.

Offered in multiple widths, a single roll of this premium grade 140 linear foot product covers over 1,000 square feet. These stocked garage flooring rolls are for sale at the low starting price of $1.49 per square foot.

Diamond Nitro Rolls

Diamond Nitro Rolls

For those of you wondering, yes – we do still offer the standard pre cut rolls at 7.5’ wide x 17’ long for your convenience, but now the same durable vinyl rolled material can be cut to fit your room.

Finally, you can have your garage roll cut to any length you want, ideal for fitting your unique space. With less cutting and effort on your end, we will do the grunt work for you.

Do you want to know what is even better news?  Custom cut Nitro rolls ship in 3-5 business days!  This may not sound like that big of a deal but when all of our competitors are offering a 4-5 week lead time for custom cut vinyl garage rolls, we think this is pretty huge.

So to wrap it all up, we have the lowest price and we also have the fastest lead times for roll out vinyl garage flooring.  We wonder how our competitors feel about that 😉

Does it get better than that?  We didn’t think so.

Coin Nitro Roll in Light Grey Color

Coin Nitro Roll in Light Grey Color

Many customers use these polyvinyl rolls for garage installations, but others came to us with more unique applications and ideas. Some of our favorites so far have been in need of flooring for a bathroom, hallway flooring durable enough for high traffic, bathroom floors in a popular restaurant, production studio floors, and of course, garage flooring.

Black Coin Nitro Roll used in Bathroom Installation

Black Coin Nitro Roll used in Bathroom Installation

Whether you are looking for a modern coin pattern or an attractive diamond top, our polyvinyl rolls are the perfect solution for you.

To view all of our roll out garage flooring options, please visit the following link: http://www.rubberflooringinc.com/garage-rolls.html

Order your free Nitro Rolls samples today! (http://www.rubberflooringinc.com/samplerequest.aspx)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team at (800) 613-0996.





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